Bate hive for honey bees

First Honey Bee Swarm of the Year!

A bit early in the year, but at 11:00am this morning I heard a swarm of bees flying toward the house.  They buzzed around for quite a while above our apple trees (which are in full blossom).

I then noticed that there were quite a few circling above our stable.  I quickly grabbed a nuc (a mini beehive) and a swarm lure sachet and perched it onto of the stable.  Not ideal, as it is a south facing roof.  The black roof gives off a lot of heat, and today was hot 31°C on our thermometer in the shade.

Anyway, looks like the swarm has taken up residence in the Nuc.

These are a very yellow bees, quite different from mine which are quite black.  Hopefully a welcome resident to our apairy.

If you have a honey bee swarm in Barnstaple (Bickington & Fremington), call me and I will come and collect it.  Read more about my collection service and honey bee swarms here …..

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