Quail eggs in an incubator

Hatching Quail Eggs!

Something new, never done it before. We were generously given quail eggs by someone who had purchased some of our honey. Told they were fertile, not having looked after quails before, we thought we would have a go at hatching.

As you can see, very small eggs – quail on the left, chicken egg in the middle and emu egg on the right.

The quail egg weighs 15 grams, the chicken egg 65 grams and the emu egg 750 grams!

To hatch a a quail egg the incubator temperature needs to be 37.1 centigrade with a humidity 50% RH.

A dozen eggs in our little incubator, I would expect about a 60% hatch rate. So possibly 7 quails, of which 60% or 4 will be male and 3 female. 23 days to hatch day and counting!

Check back for updates!

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