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Emu hatching in an incubator

Emu Friends

Our first little emu hatched at 50 days incubation. This little one hatched on day 55.

Hatched emu in incubator. Hanging around as the incubator acts as a brooder.
Hatched emu in incubator. Hanging around as the incubator acts as a brooder.

So its name? The first was Ozzy, this is Izzy.

Normally to sex the little chicks you send off for DNA testing. This often involves using the membrane in the shell. However, the company I was going to use currently will only take blood or feather samples. I don’t feel it is humane to inflict either on the defensive little chicks.

As long as they have company that is what I feel is important.

Two emu chicks a couple of days old.
Two emu chicks a couple of days old.
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Quails hatching in an incubator

Quail Hatch Day

Came down in the morning to find our first quail had hatched. The little ball of fluff was chirping and wondering around lonely in the incubator. By mid morning Fluffy had been joined by two others.

Day old baby quail in a brooder.

Eight eggs remain in the incubator so fingers crossed and may the hatching continue.

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Quail eggs in an incubator

Hatching Quail Eggs!

Something new, never done it before. We were generously given quail eggs by someone who had purchased some of our honey. Told they were fertile, not having looked after quails before, we thought we would have a go at hatching.

As you can see, very small eggs – quail on the left, chicken egg in the middle and emu egg on the right.

The quail egg weighs 15 grams, the chicken egg 65 grams and the emu egg 750 grams!

To hatch a a quail egg the incubator temperature needs to be 37.1 centigrade with a humidity 50% RH.

A dozen eggs in our little incubator, I would expect about a 60% hatch rate. So possibly 7 quails, of which 60% or 4 will be male and 3 female. 23 days to hatch day and counting!

Check back for updates!

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Emu Egg Hatching!

Second attempt to hatch 🐣 Emu eggs is underway! Day 2. Another 48 days to go until we know if we have been successful.

This time we have borrowed the Mother of all incubators.

Fingers crossed 🤞.

Last time was not successful Last attempt but we only had two eggs and perhaps an incubator not up for the job?

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Cockerel Crowing on the gate

A Classic Cockerel

This year we acquired a new cockerel just after our former cock died from old age (6 years old!). The new cockerel is a very different character, and perhaps could be considered a classic cockerel. Very vocal and often finding a high point to crow from and remind us he is there and looking over the girls!

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Swallow arrived 15th April to North Devon Barnstaple 2022

Return of the Swallow – Like clockwork

14th/15th April each year we see our first swallow. This morning I woke up and said “Today the swallows will return”. This afternoon we heard it’s twit twit twitting sitting on the phone line (sorry photo is not that good).

I am no oracle, looking into the future. Its absolutely amazing how they turn up on the same day each year. (Give or take a day either side) incredible!

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Soft Boiled Goose Egg and asparagus

Goose Eggs For Sale (Season 2022)

We have this seasons goose eggs for sale.  About 3 times the size of chickens eggs, they are a meal in themselves.

You can buy online click and collect, or from the door. Unfortunately, we do not ship.

To find out more and check availability see our website :

Thank you for following!

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Goose Egg, North Devon 2022

First Goose Egg of the Season 2022

Here we are early March, a bit later than normal for the first goose egg of the year. However, for us, this is a GREAT egg. Our little goose who laid this was attacked by a fox a month ago. This perfectly formed egg is the start of the goose laying season for us and the start of Spring! Who knows, this year, apart from hatching out emu eggs …… we may hatch a few geese too. Watch this space. In a couple of weeks, we should have goose eggs for sale. Check out our website for availability:

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