Emu chicks 2 months old

There are emus about!

Emus having fun in the Spring
Emus having fun in the Spring sunshine

They grow so fast it is quite incredible the speed of growth. Now outside, they are enjoying the sunshine running around on the lawn.

They currently live in the back of our shippon (which is our log store later on in the year) with access to the garden.

We are feeding them on special emu growers feed, which we have source on line. This is rather expensive when taking into account the delivery cost, but amazingly our local feed merchant can source feed for us.

Amazingly they are putting themselves to bed at night which makes things so much easier. I am hoping that this continues especially when they are still quite small.

Longer term, we are going to move them to where we have our stable. Half of this has been turned into emu accommodation in preparation for their move.

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