Our fresh eggs have the most delightful yellow yolks!

Our chickens & ducks are free to roam in our fields and have access to grass all year. We can not really call our eggs free range as  Free Range is an accredited status, for which you have to apply and pay for .

We only keep a small flock of birds, for our pleasure and to supply eggs for our household.


In order for our birds to lay the number of good quality eggs they do, we supplement their diet of grass & forage with layer pellets & corn. This is normal for modern poultry in order to keep them healthy and ensure they lay lovely eggs.

Because we are conscious of what we eat, we feed all of our birds quality food, containing natural ingredients that contain no Genetically Modified crops or chemicals.

Unlike the majority of feed available, even though this costs more, we believe in quality.

We know, it is better for our animals, which produce more wholesome eggs, and in turn are better for us!

Marigold Petals

Our feed contains no artificial yolk pigmenters. The colour of our egg yolks is from the natural grass & marigold flowers that promotes a golden yolk colour.

Omega 3 Oils

With added Omega 3 oils for healthy birds and wonderful eggs.

Non-GM & No Hard IP Ingredients

Feed seed is grown from seed which is NOT genetically modified (Non-GM). IP means Identity Preserved, i.e. not contaminated.  This means the crops used in the feed are grown from Non-GM seeds in a protected area away from any GM crops.

Free from animal by-products

Our feed is approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal by-products.  Only products formulated without genetically modified ingredients are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Drug Free

No antibiotics, coccidiostats or growth promoters.

Hexane Free

Hexane is a by-product of oil refining and a common solvent used by grain processors to extract oil from different grains such as corn & soy.  The feed fed to our poultry has not used hexane & is hexane free.


All of our chickens are hatched by us.

We don't believe in bringing in new chickens to our flock. We hatch all of ours chickens from eggs. Why? We believe that by doing this we keep our girls healthy.

From experience, we know there is less risk of brining in disease and pests and as a consequence this improves our bio-security, and keeps our livestock healthy and happy!

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