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Collecting a honey bee swarm from a plum tree in Bideford, North Devon

Two Swarms Collected from Bideford this week.

Today I collected my second swarm this week from the Bideford, North Devon.

A large swarm collected yesterday in a plum tree and was still present today, so I nipped along at 12:00 and picked it up.

It’s now located in my quarantine apiary, ready to be put in a hive tomorrow.

When collecting swarms, people, often ask me: “what happens next”?

I’ve decided to write about this swarm, so that anyone who is interested can track it’s progress. Check back to my website for updates: or follow the tag #BidefordHoneyBeeSwarm on Instagram.

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Honey Bee Swarm in Barnstaple on a Building Site Underneath Scaffolding Boards

Honey Bees Looking for a New Home in Barnstaple

I have just collected this nice little swarm of Honey Bees from a building site in Barnstaple.

I got a call from the Site Manager. The bees had been clustering underneath some scaffolding since yesterday. Conveniently located at ground level, I put them in a box and brought them back to our isolation apiary.

Honey Bee Swarm Gathered up from a Building Site, and ready to be transferred to its new home
Honey Bee Swarm Gathered up from a Building Site, and ready to be transferred to its new home

Remember, if you have a Honey Bee Swarm that needs collecting and the swarm is in the local area of Bickington or Fremington, contact me.  My details are below, or go to my webpage: to find out more and to check it is a Honey Bee Swarm.

Contact me if you have a Honey Bee Swarm that you need removing:

Telephone: 07403 311920

Or, email me using the form below:

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    To Assist with Identification, if you can, Send A Picture

    Additional Information:

    Swarm location; Size & how long it has been present.

    If I am not available, or you need a Swarm Collector for another area, please go to the British Beekeepers website and put in your post code: This will provide a list of Honey Bee Swarm Collectors near to you.

    If you have had a Honey Bee Swarm collected and wish to make a voluntary donation toward expenses, please complete the form below:

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    Honey Bee Collecting Cherry Blossom pollen in April North Devon UK - Chilcotts Farm

    Bees are out and about

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a couple of bees flying from the hive and returning with pollen. It looked like cherry blossom pollen, perhaps from the blackthorn that had started to flower in the hedge rows.

    Anyway, the last couple of days, which have been very warm and bright, the bees have been flying and coming back with loads of pollen.  In addition, the cherry and plum blossom in the orchard is covered in bees.

    Hopefully the weather will remain kind to the bees, and this year’s fruit trees will be well pollenated and produce a bumper harvest of fruit.

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    Honey Bee flying toward cherry blossom in April, North Devon - Chilcotts Farm

    Local Honey Enquiries for Barnstaple Honey

    We are getting a lot of local honey enquiries!

    Obviously, this is the start of the season for the bees.  Currently the bees are doing well and are busy out foraging for pollen and nectar.

    The warm weather is encouraging the blossom to emerge and the bees are going about their business.

    Honey Bee Collecting Cherry Blossom pollen in April North Devon UK - Chilcotts FarmCurrently cherry, plum and blackthorn flowers are out.  As you can see from the pictures, the bees are taking full advantage of this!

    If you want to know when we have our next batch of honey, please sign up to our ‘honey’ newsletter.  We only send an email to you when we have honey available.

    Want to know when we have honey?

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    Honey maybe available late spring or September depending on the season. We will let you know.


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