Goose after fox attack

Lucky Escape for Lucy Goosey

In the kitchen and just considering going out to put the animals to bed, when there is a commotion in the goose field, the Geese flapping and honking at full volume.

Peering out, I could see a fox with its’ jaw tightly clamped around the rear end of our small Chinese goose.

The dog and I rushed out. We disturbed the fox which was rapidly pursued by our dog. However, the fox had a head start and this time managed to escape.

Poor Lucy Goosey, was lying low in the grass and bleeding quite badly. Fortunately, on inspection she had two puncture marks either side of her rump. She seemed quite calm (probably in shock), so we took her inside, cleaned the wounds and sprayed the wounds with disinfectant. This has a violet colouring to hide the colour of blood, birds have a response to peck at red, which we don’t want to happen!

After the attack and treatment, Lucy Goosey seemed OK, so we decided to put her away with the rest for the night. She waddled in to join the others.

Next day I let the animals out as normal, and Lucy Goosey came waddling out as if her ordeal had never happened!

I like a happy ending!

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