Due to ongoing thefts, Chilcotts Farm Honesty Stall is now closed

THEFT from our honesty stall – local suspect apprehended!

Stolen from Combrew Lane, Bickington, Barnstaple …….

 The local crime occurred around 10:25 pm Sunday 30th October 2016, with the theft of Jars of jam, pickles, handcrafted egg cosy and boxed Christmas lights being taken from the honesty stall outside the front of Chilcotts Farm.

On their third return visit, the first helmet clad moped rider was challenged and grappled with by the owner of the stall.  Clothed only in a dressing gown, the owner was dragged a few metres up the lane by the accelerating moped before mounting it as a pillion passenger.  The passenger subsequently managed to destabilise the bike crashing into the tarmac.  Meanwhile, the other moped rider was observed making a hasty retreat, speeding off into the darkness in the direction they had both originally come.

The apprehended local young man, had a stocky build, dark eyes, dark hair, and was about 5'11".  While waiting for the police to arrive he was quick to say, 'My mates got your stuff........', 'If you let me go, I will get your stuff back.......', 'I won't do it again let me go.....'.  

The police were quick to arrive, taking the young man into custody.

Were the repeated visits made in close duration as there is only so much someone on a moped can carry at any one time?  Was the observed car unusually present at one end of Combrew Lane at the time of this incident used to deposit the stolen goods before return visits were made, or did the driver see the moped riders?

If you know anything about this breach of trust in our normally quiet local community, or are offered / find discarded jam, beetroot pickle, small boxes of christmas lights, LED light trees, or doggy egg cosy, ask where they came from.

Our honesty stall is again open for business!



4 thoughts on “THEFT from our honesty stall – local suspect apprehended!

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    PL - November 5, 2016

    Well done that man! A blow struck for civilisation!

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    SB - November 5, 2016

    Where has all the trust in the world gone? Shame. Well done on your local community policing though.

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    KA - November 7, 2016

    Main thing is you are OK, and very fortunate that your local thief doesn’t go armed. Hope they get more than a telling off from your local constabulary. You thought of putting a horse electric fence around it, during night time hours?

    1. Reply
      Chilcotts Farm - November 7, 2016

      The local police have been very good. We will see if charges will be pressed. The police have managed to recover some of the items frome one of the thieves. They now know who the other one is, so watch this space. We normally get everything in at night, but forgot that evening 🙁 . Fortunate that the thief was not armed!

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