Due to ongoing thefts, Chilcotts Farm Honesty Stall is now closed

Due To On-Going Theft, Our Honesty Stall Is Now Closed

SIX YEARS OF HONESTY .... Well nearly

After six years, we have decided to close our honesty stall.  Unfortunately, due to continued petty theft, it is becoming onerous.

While it has been enjoyable meeting and speaking to people, as always, it is the mindless minority that spoil things.  What can we do?

Homemade jams and pickles available to buy online

A Theft Thwarted!

As many people will know we thwarted one theft. (click here to read about it) I apprehended and caught one of the thieves, who hopefully learnt his lesson after being in a police cell for some of the night.  Unfortunately, the police decided not to press charges (due to lack of funds ...... not evidence!).  However, the two thieves had stolen from us, and we never reclaimed some of the items stolen.


At least we can say that we have sold our surplus, and met some lovely, honest people who appreciate what we have sold to them.

We didn't make a profit, but covered some of our costs.

Now we just have to be more creative in how we use our surplus produce.

Unfortunately, we know that some of our surplus crops will end up on the compost heap as opposed to being sold to honest people or taken by those not so honest, but maybe needy (if so it would have been better if they had asked).

Basket of produce from Chilcotts Farm

You can still buy some items on our website online for collection at:



How do you share the love of GREAT food and something that is not available to everyone?

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