Fresh Duck Eggs Laid by Our Ducks


Our Ducks are free to roam, but more importantly have access to fresh running water where they regularly swim and play.

The deep colour of the yolks and large size rich eggs make superior cakes and quiches with a deep yellow colour. We also enjoy them boiled and scrambled.

Our Ducks have access to grass & forage all year round. We supplement their diet with feed, containing only natural ingredients & no Genetically Modified crops or chemical additives.

Sold by the half dozen.  Please knock to buy.


Further Information

Ducks swimming on the stream at Chilcotts FarmUnlike many duck keepers, we feed all of our birds on quality premium food, containing natural ingredients that contain no Genetically Modified crops or chemical additives.

To ensure our ducks produce the best Free Range Eggs, we keep all our birds as naturally as possible.  They have access to grass all year round roaming and foraging around our garden, fields and banks of the stream.

Free Range Eggs in Autumn & Winter

As the days get shorter in the autumn months, egg laying does naturally reduce.  We don’t artificial stimulate egg laying, as we feel the girls need a well deserved rest!  We follow nature, in the spring the laying picks up and quite often our ducks produce more eggs than our chickens!

Ducks roaming the garden, fields and stream at Chilcotts Farm

Additional Information


All year

Life Style

Access to Grass All Year Round, Access to Natural Running Water, Given Free Range to Roam


Produced in Devon, United Kingdom

Recycle & Re-use Jars & Egg Boxes

We reuse and recycle egg boxes and our glass jars at Chilcotts Farm

We are always grateful for clean half dozen egg boxes & the return of our glass jars for re-use

Recycle Glass Jars

After you have finished with your honey, jam, chutney or pickle, we can re-use the undamaged jars.

12oz Hexagonal Jars (Our Jams and Honey)

8oz Hexagonal Jars (Our Chutney, Pickle and Curds)

Unfortunately, we can only accept the types of jars we sell.

The lids can not be re-used, so are sent for recycling, but the glass jars are washed, cleaned and sterilised prior to being refilled with our delicious preserves and honey.

So if you have bought our preserves or honey, rather than throwing the jar away, just drop it off at Chilcotts Farm the next time you are passing.

Thank you!

We Recycle Re-use our Jam jars at chilcotts farm
We re-use and recycle egg boxes at Chilcotts Farm

Recycle Your Egg Boxes

To reduce the impact on the environment, we can re-use half dozen egg boxes.

Whether egg boxes from us or used egg boxes from the supermarket, we can re-use them.

We can only use egg boxes that are clean & undamaged, but at the end of their life, any egg boxes we can't re-use we compost.

When passing Chilcotts Farm, just drop them off.

Thank you!


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