Swarm Collection Donation

Suggested Donation: £10.00


If you have had a Honey Bee Swarm collected by Allen and would like to make a donation to cover expenses, this will help us support the bees and the work we are doing to sustain the local bee population.

Minimum Donation: £5.00

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Have a swarm of Honey Bees?  Click here.

Donations go toward paying expenses, feed, medication and initial housing of the bees.

Even though I have been actively involved in bee keeping for over 10 years, the honey bee continues to amaze me and is an animal that is never predictable and a subject that I continually learn from.

Through my learning and the guidance of others, I always want to do the best for the bees and put their interests first.

Due to the the interaction of man, the diseases we have introduced, and the naivety of cross breeding with foreign bee varieties, bees can no longer live in the UK in the wild without the support of the bee keeper.

Looking after bees requires purchase of feed, housing, and medication.  Any funds we make from the sale of honey, beeswax or bee related products is always put back into ensuring that our honey bees are looked after and their welfare is upheld.

You donation contributes to supporting the Honey Bee in North Devon.

Thank you


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